Head in the Clouds at the Display Gallery
Discover Benedict Redgrove’s mesmerizing cloudscapes this month, at the Display Gallery at Holborn Viaduct. Everything & Nothing brings together a selection of photographs, taken at high altitude on hundreds of journeys. These minimal, peaceful giclée prints provide a chance for reflection and a wonderful sense of escape. They’ll be at the gallery until April 28th

Display Gallery

Emotional Supply Chains at the The Zabludowicz Collection
In the time of selfies, anonymous Twitter trolls and Insta-fame, the question of how our online persona relates to who we are in real life is one that is becoming increasingly pressing. The Zabludowicz Collection takes this issue to task in a new show Emotional Supply Chains, which brings together the work of 17 artists from around the world to address the construction of identity in the digital age. One of the ideas at the heart of the exhibition is that of virtual space: is identity real if it's created in an intangible realm? We're not sure. But with video installations from Thai artist Korakit Arunanondchai and David Raymond Conroy, a Facebook sitcom performance piece by Ed Fornieles and Frances Stark's Instagram experiment, Emotional Supply Chains should certainly equip you with an interesting answer should anyone ask you. The Zabludowicz Collection
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