Condo Art Fair
January has a whole swathe of art fairs. next week there's the big one, London Art Fair, but first, something to whet your appetite: Condo Art Fair !13 Jan-10 Feb). This trendy fair is returning for its third year to show art from 46 global galleries across 17 London venues. Founded by Vanessa Carlos, the director of Carlos Ishikawa gallery, Condo is not your average exhibition. It's younger, more disruptive, and bound to make an impression. Find out more here.
The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat
HiddenCity has a brand new adventure in London starting at the National Portrait Gallery. The latest experience by HiddenCity, The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat is inspired by characters and scenarios from the much-loved classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Players embark on a quest to find the perpetually mischievous Cheshire Cat who has escaped from Wonderland and is hiding somewhere in the capital. Teams will find themselves weaving through galleries, descending into cellar vaults, scouring literary archives and choosing who to trust, as they solves clues sent to their phone. The Cheshire Cat has come to London to test whether you, like Alice, can make sense of absurdity in the world around you. Your challenge is to find him on an adventure into the strange, surreal and absurd. Uncover a darker side to Wonderland and, perhaps, yourself too. One hundred and fifty-two years ago, Alice fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, a world of nonsense, riddles and contradiction. Before returning home, Alice showed the creatures of Wonderland how to find the rabbit hole, should they ever wish to visit our world. Years later, one mischievous creature has chosen to do just that. Now, the Cheshire Cat is in London. And he wants you to find him. Can you make sense of absurdity in the world around you, just like Alice did? He’s going to find out. Follow his curious clues, sent to your phone. Weave through galleries in search of reflection, descend into cellar vaults to ‘paws’ for drinks, dive into literary archives, sip tea from a suited Queen and decide who to trust. But make your choices wisely, you may not be the only one in search of the cat…