Fragments and Glimpses
ArtAncient will present its exhibition ‘Fragments & glimpses’ at the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair, from 15-20 September on Berkeley Square. It will unveil objects spanning 4.6 billion years, displayed as part of an installation timeline. The exhibition is dedicated to 35 exceptional and fascinating objects, each of which has been carefully chosen to tell the story of a particular period, epoch or event. The exhibition begins with sculptural, rusty iron meteorites formed in the early solar system, then continues with a beautiful banded stone slab; a trace fossil that provides evidence of the first life on Earth, around 3 billion years ago.  Later there are fossilised fish, giant Megalodon teeth and an iconic fossilised “raptor claw” from a ferocious Allosaurus, circa 150 million years old. The dawn of man is represented by early stone tools, including Neanderthal scrapers carved from beautiful multi-coloured jasper, as well as an early stone axe, itself carved from an even earlier fossil. Other moments in the human story are represented too, such as early artwork in the form of a Neolithic idol, and landmarks such as the invention of writing, the first coinage and even the assassination of Julius Caesar.  The exhibition ends with the Roman conquest of Britain, represented by a huge inscription bearing the name of a legionary who likely participated in the invasion in 43 AD. Well worth a visit.    
The Classic Car Bootsale
The Classic Car Boot Sale has roared into Kings Cross for a weekend of retro rifling and iconic automobiles. It’s a car boot sale, but not as you know it. The finest collection of vintage fashion, accessories, homewares, designer makers, collectables and vinyl record traders operating from the boots of their vintage vehicles alongside a show stopping exhibit of over 100 classic vehicles spanning Mustangs, Chevrolets and VW vans, parked alongside food wagons and live entertainment. It's a wonderfully fun day out for both car enthusiasts and bargain hunters alike. There’'ll be rare car, bus, commercial vehicle and historic bike displays, mod and rocker ride outs, impromptu musical performances, roaming street theatre, live music and DJs spinning a vinyl only selection of 40s to 80s tunes atop an open-air Routemaster bus.