Cinnamon Kitchen’s #HouseofHoli is back – bigger, better and brighter than ever. Don your protective white suit, and step into the madness at the House of Holi, for thirty minutes of serious paint-pelting. Cinnamon Kitchen, in association with India’s No.1 beer Kingfisher, will bring a vibrant injection of colour to the urban environs of the City with the return of their purpose-built party pod – popping up outside Vivek Singh’s modern Indian restaurant in Devonshire Square from Tuesday 7th to Saturday 18th March. The perfect antidote to dull days in the office, workers can kick off their heels, loosen their ties, and experience the spectacular paint throwing festivities that mark the renowned Indian festival of colour.
Rebecca Louise Law: The Iris
British artist Rebecca Louise Law’s latest flower-filled installation is blooming nicely over in Greenwich as we speak. 'The Iris' features 10,000 blue, purple, yellow and white irises floating from copper wire, which will waft gently from the ceiling of NOW Gallery until May – a first taste of spring for those over the winter months. nowgallery.co.uk